A little bit about me...


My name is Anna Thomas and I am a Graphic Designer with a strong interest in illustration and advertising.

Since graduating from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design in 2015, I have moved to Sydney to work with Guylian Café, Searock, Eastbank, Appetito, Harbour Events and The Rawson as their full time Marking Assistant, Graphic Designer and Photographer. Here I worked alongside the Marketing Manager to produce work across the stores in Sydney and The Middle East. The work completed over 3 years include social strategies, edms, window displays, event signage, flyers, food and event photography, branding, external signage, store hoarding wrap, menus, gifs, seasonal campaigns, videography and packaging.
During this time as a freelancer I have been actively creating beauty product labels, logos, custom illustrations and event collateral (social tiles, signage and flyers).

I aspire to gain a wider experience of the design industry and look forward to broadening my understanding of all that is involved in design and its diverse avenues. 

A little bit about the design process...

My design is driven by a combination of passion, experience and inspiration. I believe every design needs to have a sense of depth and connection to the brand it is representing or story it is conveying. In order to do this I need an understanding of your vision whether that be in words, colours, Pintrest boards or sketches.

From here I will create designs based on these elements and my design and marketing background. Of course along the way there will be changes but as much as I enjoy designing I don’t like dragging out a project. I want to complete the design as efficiently as possible.

The aspect of my design process that I hold at the highest level of importance is how it makes you feel. I want to create a design to excite and motivate you, a design that truly reflects your vision.

Bringing people’s visions to life is one of my favourite aspects about this career and I hope I get the chance to do this for you!